Abc’s About Me

Hi! My name is Reagan. I’m athletic, yet brainy. Also I’m caring for my family and 2 dogs. I’m dedicated to school and getting good grades, for example I’m exited to go to PBL every day, this encourages me to work hard. I’m a good friend, my best friends are Lilly, Kate, and Maddy. My dad likes to call me the goofy goober. I’m Happy about Halloween being just a few weeks away.I’m an independent and jovial person who is kind towards everyone and  I love to go swimming. My mom is a teacher and my dad work in the IT department. I think that sloppy-joes are nasty. I’m one of the older kids in my grade and I’m a big fan of apple pie. When I was little I thought that I was the queen of England and my baby dolls where my princesses. My friends call me ray ray. When I smile you can see my white braces. My sisters name is Taylor. in my garage we have a pink and black umbrella. I love going on vacations and my favorite season is summer because its warm. In fifth grade I played the xylophone when we would practice music and  I have two younger cousins that are eight and ten. Lastly I like money with lots of zeros at the end.

3 thoughts on “Abc’s About Me

  1. Hi Reagon! Great post! At first, I got confused on why this post was called “Abc’s About Me,” but then I realized that the underlined words were in chronological order of the alphabet! That was so cool! Also, are you a funny person? Is that why your dad calls you a “goofy goober?”
    P.S. Thanks for commenting on my blog, I just replied 🙂

    1. Thanks Mia so much for the comment. I try to be funny, and my dad calls me goofy goober because I always ask dumb questions. Also thanks for looking at my blog!

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